Story of Collaboration between 10-Strike Software and DEK Software International

DEK Software International (DEKSI) had been a reseller for 10-Strike Software for nine years (2008-2017). DEKSI marketed 10-Strike's networking products under re-branded names (the DEKSI products are exactly the same that are on the website

DEKSI was closed as a business by the owner Mark Jeffery Koch in December of 2017.

We, the 10-Strike Software team, are maintaining the DEKSI site, supporting its old customers, and selling our software to new's visitors.

We recommend you downloading and buying the original 10-Strike products instead of DEKSI-branded programs because the DEKSI products are no longer updated.


DNA = 10-Strike LANState Pro
DNI = 10-Strike Network Inventory Explorer
DBM = 10-Strike Bandwidth Monitor
DNM = 10-Strike Network Monitor


We will update and support the 10-Strike products for sure as we always do since 1998.



10-Strike Software Team