Analyze, diagnose, and repair problems on your computer network before they become widespread and costly!

DEKSI Network Monitor will show you when a device is available as well as the time it became unavailable or out of service. This will enable the network administrator or IT Management staff to be pro-active in responding to any possible downtime.

DEKSI Network Monitor periodically polls devices and sends them an ICMP packet and tries to connect to the requested TCP Port over your network. If the check is successful the color green will be displayed and if the check you ran failed the color red will be displayed.

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DEKSI Network Monitor alerts you to everything that occurs on your network so you can be pro-active in responding to all problems:

  • Displaying a message on the screen
  • Sending an email message
  • Sending an SMS message
  • Launching an application with parameters
  • Alerting you via a sound alarm
  • Adding a record to the event log file
  • Restarting, Stopping, and Running a service on a remote host
  • Rebooting, Turning off, Turning on computer.
  • Ability to search hosts by IP, MAC, DNS addresses, and names in the host database.

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What is the difference between DEKSI Network Monitor and DEKSI Network Administrator?

  • DEKSI Network Administrator has a visual map with icons displaying the different devices' status.
  • DEKSI Network Monitor's monitoring module is a service. This is especially good for installing on servers.

Can DEKSI Network Administrator and DEKSI Network Monitor share a common configuration for test and rules?

Yes, the new versions of both programs will support this (Export/import).

The administrator can set up a variety of different responses to a device that is working or is not available including sending an email message, playing a sound file, sending an SMS message to your cellphone, recording a log of the events, or restarting or shutting down a service or a computer.

DEKSI Network Monitor scans a local area network and automatically retrieves the list of all available hosts. DEKSI Network Monitor generates a list of monitored devices and assigns default checks to all hosts that are found, and allows adding a variety of other checks, such as:

  • TCP port
  • SNMP
  • HTTP
  • File Existence
  • ICMP ping
  • FTP
  • DNS
  • Service State
  • Port on switch
  • ARP
  • Database server (ODBC)
  • MS SQL Server
  • MySQL Server
  • NetBIOS
  • File Size
  • Folder existence
  • Process Existence
  • File size
  • Disk space
  • Error code from external application
  • Result of Java-script
  • Visual Basic script result

New Release - September 21

  • Added running checks based on the schedule in the Task Manager.
  • Added saving and sending reports via e-mail in the Task Manager.
  • Added the database backup copy creation in the Task Manager.
  • Added a setting for selecting what to display in the host titles on the host tree. (Address, name, or both)
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DEKSI Network Monitor Features

  • Rapid multi-threaded scanning of a local network by a specific IP address range.
  • Simultaneous application of a variety of different methods for detecting network devices such as ICMP ping, scanning a list of TCP ports, ARP ping (converting an IP to a MAC address.)
  • Recognition of network and local printers, servers, DB servers, routers, switches, hubs, WiFi devices, etc.
  • Obtaining additional information on devices over NetBIOS
  • Disovering devices that support the SMNP protocol (switches, printers, video cameras, routers, etc.)
  • Saving scanning results in CSV format (supported by Microsoft Excel.)
  • Generating a list of hosts to be monitored.
  • Easy to use interface for editing the hierarchical monitoring list
  • Automatic saving of all modifications of the list, host and check properties.
  • Multi-threaded host check which enables the number of threads running simultaneously to be configured.
  • Ability to edit multiple checks of the same type at a time.
  • Ability to edit multiple hosts at a time.
  • Ability to move several hosts from folder to folder.
  • MIB browser feature. You can load any MIB files into the program and select necessary OIDs using the handy object tree.
  • Support for all security levels for SNMPv3: authorization (MD5, SHA) and encoding (DES, TripleDES, AES).
  • Ability to load and watch the archived stats (Service - Settings)
  • Protection against large server responses which are caused by errors or DDOS attacks.
  • Ability to specify the MAC address for a host which is monitored for the switch port changing.
  • Ability to automatically close the SNMP trap and Syslog notification messages, send a record to Syslog, and substitute monitored parameters' values as command line parameters when running external applications (using keys).
  • Ability to break reports with diagrams on pages by days.
  • SNMPv2c support for the "Switch port" check.
  • Ability to define the check description during its creation (in the Wizard).
  • Ability to select hosts for including to the "Report on hosts".
  • Ability display host names in headers in all reports (if the report is created for that only host).

Designed for today's IT Department needs DEKSI Network Monitor does not require the installation of any client software on remote computers on your network.

DEKSI Network Monitor allows you two different methods for generating a monitoring list:


The application finds networked devices and allows pinging over ICMP, scanning specified TCP ports and attempts to convert IP addresses to MAC addresses (ARP). DEKSI Network Monitor can find devices with active SNMP agents such as switches, network printers, routers, etc.


DEKSI Network Monitor allows you to create nested group-folders, adding hosts with specified names or addresses to them. Using the mouse pointer, you can easily move hosts from one folder to another, thus drawing the logical structure of the network.

Reliability and certainty are things you should demand and expect......

There are dozens of other network monitors you can purchase but none of the companies have been in business as we have, for twenty eight years. Some of these companies are in business today but disappear tomorrow. Can you afford to run your company's computer center with products from companies you cannot speak with, that may be here today and gone tomorrow?

When your network goes down or is experiencing problems you can count on DEKSI Network Monitor and DEK Software International. Our products are designed by network administrators for network administrators and our staff has a combined experience of hundreds of years working in data centers around the world and have won multiple awards for their programming excellence. All new releases and new features added to our products are based on suggestions and requests from our worldwide customers.

Your customers and your employees rely on your network being up and running 24/7. Why not rely on a company that is proven and has a track record of performance, quality, and superb technical support? Your customers, employees, and management should expect nothing less and neither should you.

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System Requirements

2 GB RAM. Windows XP, VISTA, and Windows 7, 8, 8.1, and 10 as well as Windows Server 2003, 2008, 2012, 2016, and 2019 compatible.

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